NeuroReview is a reviews journal that brings together the neuroscience community at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and UCL.

NeuroReview's aim is to combine the efforts of established academics and young researchers to provide a forum for writing and thinking about the brain sciences.

NeuroReview attempts to analyse the underlying assumptions of the enterprise of modern neuroscience and provides an opportunity for stocktaking and reflection.


Paul Good | Prisoners of Genes
The discovery of our meagre gene numbers - by two major groups of international scientists - reveals that environmental influences are vastly more powerful in shaping the way humans act.

Brian Clarke | Teaching Evolution
Accumulating data support a critical involvement of dopamine in the modulation
of neuronal activity related to cognitive processing. The amygdala is a major
target of midbrain dopaminergic neurons and is also implicated in learning.

Lisa Nadile | Cocaine Highs and Lows

Are fruit flies the key to solving human's addiction to cocaine? Scientists at Howard Hughes Medical Institute have found that the fruit fly possesses a protein in its nervous system that mirrors the effect of cocaine in human beings.
Leinad Lesier | Darwin on Morality
The publication in 1859 of The Origin of Species was one of the most significant events in the history of science. Evolution became and still is the primary organising framework for biological theories.



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